Your team of driven people has worked with you to make your journey to a virtual work environment as seamless as possible. Their determination has helped your business grow despite challenges. If you have not had ample opportunities to communicate deep appreciation for your team, here are a few online-friendly suggestions.

Stationary and Desk Supplies

Now that we have collectively transitioned into working remotely, employees will most likely utilize their personal stash of office supplies. A small assembly of desk supplies will go a long way with your homebound employees! Some Post-its, a journal, or maybe some colorful pens for the home office workers in your business would brighten up their day. Here’s a link to a cute option for a wireless keyboard and mouse set perfect for your employees’ home office!

Stress Reduction Kits

With the various changes taken place over the last few years, working from home has blurred the line between work and one’s personal life. While setting working hours on Outlook sets a virtual boundary, it can be challenging to separate your business hours from your personal time when it’s in the same environment. Compiling a stress reduction kit for the employees who make your life a little less stressful is a great way to show your appreciation. These kits could include boxed teas, face masks, stress balls, candles, or even a subscription to a meditation app like Calm!

Subscriptions or Credits for Various Apps

While we are on the subject of subscriptions… This option could be a little pricey depending on the size of your team. However, purchasing a one-month streaming service subscription or food delivery credit are fantastic ideas for employee appreciation. Ask around and find out a general consensus or the personal favorites of your team. You could also send out one-time credits for books on Audible or websites like SnackMagic. These credits usually come in virtual codes, so they are perfect for the work-from-home crowd!

Coffee Subscription Box

If coffee is more your employees’ cup of tea, try sending them a coffee subscription box from websites like Atlas Coffee Club! For the caffeine-driven people in your team, this option sends your employee a bag of coffee from around the world per month, if they choose to continue using the service after their gift. After all, you can never go wrong with coffee.

Virtual Team Building

Virtual team buildings with private chefs and mixologists are all the rage, but they are also very pricey. These are budget-friendly options to consider. Utilizing online methods of team building through fun activities can work wonders to boost morale! Hold a virtual meeting with your team. Depending on the number of people you have, play as individuals or in small groups. Fun games like lightning scavenger hunts, typing speed competitions, office trivia, and world map challenges are some fun and time-sensitive options for team building. At the end of each challenge, determine the winner! This is a fun way to engage all of your employees and communicate the importance of connection.

Framed Picture of the Team

This is another cost-effective option for those on tighter budgets. Another way for your to celebrate employee appreciation is to print them a picture of your team. This one is for those who are a little bit more sentimental, but it can be touching to receive such a gift for those who work in smaller circles. Having a physical copy of the team you work with can be grounding. It could serve as a reminder of the connections you have built with your coworkers despite the online workspace.


For those employees with a green or not-so-green thumb, succulents make an inexpensive, and admittedly adorable, addition to this list. You can find a wide variety of miniature succulents in almost any hardware store, and they make great gifts for employee appreciation. Even for sub-par plant moms like myself.

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