Leadership Development

Chief Gigs provides a tailored approach to leadership development. We work with leaders to conduct a thorough needs assessment. Based on your current challenges, we design custom off-sites, coaching plans, or management classes to meet your needs.


Wendy Fong

Even the most successful athletes benefit from coaching. From 90-day intensives to on-going 1:1 leadership coaching, we bring clarity into your leadership journey.

Workshops and Classes


We equip leaders and teams with the necessary tools to adapt and thrive through the most challenging situations.

Topics Include:

Situational Leadership

Discover Your Team Type

Designing for Strategic Action

Drive Results with Talent

Team Building Through Change

Psychometric Assessments

people having meeting

We employ an array of behavioral analytics tools to measure work styles, EQ, and motivation to increase self-awareness and fully unleash talent.

  • Predictive Index
  • DISC
  • Motivators
  • EQ
  • 360 Evaluations


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