Situational Leadership

Leading With Resilience: Navigating Turbulent Times

To truly support those who are grappling with a multitude of challenges, leaders must shift their focus away from themselves and tune in to the communication and support needs of their teams.

Whether you are a seasoned manager or new to the supervisory role, this transformative program equips leaders with the necessary tools to adapt and guide their teams through the most challenging situations.

What to Expect


Behavioral assessments for attendees and up to 2 direct reports.

 Weekly 90-minute Sessions

Small class size to promote engaging group discussions.

Dynamic virtual learning experience with expert-led training & exercises.

Program Outline

Session 1

Increase Your Self-Awareness and Resilience:
  • Gain deep insights into your strengths and areas for growth
  • Develop a resilient mindset to navigate uncertainties
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence to better connect with your team

Session 2

Identify Signs of Stress and Trauma Affecting Performance:

  • Recognize the telltale signs of stress and trauma
  • Understand their impact on individual and team performance
  • Employ strategies to provide targeted support and guidance

Session 3

Develop a Framework for Situational Communication:

  • Fine-tune your communication skills to address varying needs
  • Learn to adapt your leadership approach to different situations
  • Foster an inclusive and supportive environment for your team

Your Instructors

Testimonials From Attendees

This has been very eye-opening because you know who you are, you look at yourself in the mirror every day but seeing the results of the (behavioral assessment) on paper, it's definitely helped me take a different approach.

I'm already starting to use the materials I learned from the last session.

I liked hearing the different views from everyone when going over homework.

My favorite part of the course was the group interaction.

My favorite part was learning how your quadrant contains overused skills.

I learned a lot about my overused strength, which is being super positive. It's an overused strength that can stop you from being productive. I realized I’m quick to jump in, to overtalk to push through the uncomfortable silence, instead of allowing others time to think.

Participating in the program brought me both self-awareness and wellness. We give others constructive criticism, but it's not often you get time to self-assess. The program forces us to deal with ourselves.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your leadership abilities and build resilience in the face of adversity.

Enroll now and unlock your full potential as a leader.

This LIVE three-week virtual course offers a dynamic learning experience, combining behavioral assessments, expert-led training sessions, practical exercises, and engaging group discussions.

By actively participating in this course, you’ll gain invaluable insights and practical techniques to adapt effectively.

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Wendy uses the experience of going through cancer to understand how to TRULY support others during turbulent times. She has turned this into a situational leadership course. See her tell her story.


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