Performance Management

PI Peform is the only performance management software with behavioral science built-in to develop your managers, enhance accountability, and engage your people every day. Help managers make personal development a habit with a tool that weaves personal development goals, reviews, and feedback into the everyday tool for meeting agendas and task management.

Transform managers into leaders

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  • Truly personalized 1:1’s: Behavioral insights for the person you are meeting with, including how best to interact.
  • Goal tracking for direct reports: Visibility for managers to know where to provide the right support.
  • Coaching tools for managers: Stay in lockstep with direct feedback, 360s, kudos, comments, action items, and goals.
  • Centralized homepage: Automatically prompts areas of focus in their 1:1’s and with AI assistance, summarizes their daily schedule, all in one place.

Drive engagement and performance with a best-practice system for daily use

  • Kudos/Feedback: Recognize each employee in the way that’s most meaningful to them. Lean on FeedbackAI to help write and manage performance reviews.
  • Group Meeting workspaces: Promote collaboration by collecting team input for meeting agendas, notify members of new discussion topics and action items, and receive automated meeting summaries.
  • Integrations: Integrated seamlessly with the tools you already use- Slack, Zoom, Teams, and Jira to automate your day.

Hold each other accountable and align your teams around what’s most important

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  • Meeting Mode: Integration with Zoom makes it simple to take notes, assign action items, and complete discussion topics to keep meetings on track and productive.
  • OKR tracking: Tie everyday actions to business goals so employees can see how their tasks fit into the bigger picture.
  • Dashboard: Managers will get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening to spot gaps and trends in the people management space.

Give managers the tools they need to lead their teams and drive performance every day


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