The hiring process can be quite challenging when collaboration is required between internal and external recruiters, HR, and the hiring manager (or team). With a new work environment comes new obstacles that most businesses are not prepared to address. The Predictive Index HIRE platform allows organizations to screen candidates using a behavioral assessment.

This blog will be going over how The Predictive Index’s behavioral and cognitive assessments can help you hire your next candidate faster, less costly, and with a better chance for success. Want to understand the economics? Read Handout: The ROI of PI

Step 1 – Create a Job Target Profile

While the requirements of any position may seem self-explanatory, creating a unique job target profile allows stakeholders to critically think through the non-negotiable requirements of a job. To start, determine the stakeholders who will provide input for this job. Your coworkers, the position’s supervisor, or someone else currently in the role can provide valuable feedback. Their input on the necessary behaviors of the position can help you gain a better understanding of the role as a whole and a diverse perspective of its requirements.

Next, each stakeholder will complete a questionnaire, selecting the duties that correspond to this position. Does the position need to take charge in ambiguous situations or carry out instructions carefully? Will they need to be responsible for a number of varied activities or do the same tasks day after day?

Utilizing the objective nature of the job targeting process to shape the profile will help stakeholders align your priorities within the role. This determination of the role’s needs and the stakeholders’ desires allows you and your team to remain objective during the hiring process. Whether you are looking for someone attentive to detail, a big-picture thinker, or who connects with others quickly, PI considers your selections as the foundation of the profile.

Step 2 – Invite Candidates to Take The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

Once the position has been posted and resumes start coming in, invite all viable candidates to take The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. While a five-minute, two-question prompt would not seem effective in determining a candidate’s fit in your position, the results are more telling than you think. Through a short predictive assessment, PI distinguishes the drives and needs of each candidate that indicate their most prominent behaviors. After taking the assessment, each candidate will be scored against the job target profile. Each potential interviewee is scored on a scale of one to ten. According to the behavioral profiles of your candidates, you can see how well each applicant matches your job target.

Step 3 – Screening Interviews

Using The Predictive Index not only saves you time*, but it can also open your eyes to candidates you typically would not think of for the position and reduce bias. Instead of scanning through hundreds of resumes online, you can sort the candidates by behavioral match score. At this point, we typically only browse the resume to make sure all the requirements (education, years of experience, licenses) are met. All you and your team have to do next is invite qualified candidates to a screening interview.

Step 4 – Invite Candidates to take The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment

Once you have your candidates narrowed down, a Cognitive Assessment can give you additional insight into how quickly a candidate can learn in a complex environment.

It may seem difficult to work around at first but hiring through PI software can lift a heavy burden off of your hiring teams. Chief Gigs uses the Predictive Index as an automatic step in the hiring process. Through the creation of a job target profile on their platform, you can identify applicants that are the best fit for your job positions.

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*Using PI Saves Time

PI brings order to an often-chaotic process, filtering candidates by behavioral target (set according to the traits hiring teams know will lead to success in a role).

  • The average time-to-fill rate is more than 40 days.
  • Many PI users have cut that figure in half – or more.
  • One PI Partner client made nearly 2k hires in 2 months*
  • Hiring teams that use PI regularly conduct interviews weekly, even daily, because their pipeline is updated.