3 Steps to Building an Antiracist Organization

It’s impossible to disrupt our biases all the time because it’s human nature. The best and most effective way to fight racial inequity is to DISMANTLE it systemically. Systemic solutions address root issues by eliminating the way systems create and perpetuate racially inequitable outcomes.

When we put race-explicit, outcome-oriented structure in place, we change the “norm” of how we operate. Here are THREE areas we can action today.

1. Revamp your recruitment and interview process to mitigate bias
2. Add “Champions of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” to your core competency
3. Create management accountability structure

Three steps may sound easy enough, but changing the culture of an organization from a place that is color-blind to one that is equity-focused will be the most difficult change initiative your company has ever undertaken.


Published by Wendy Fong

Wendy is the founder and principal at Chief Gigs.

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