Exercise: Help Your Team Think Critically

Do your employees defer to you for all critical decisions? Do you want to help your team learn to think critically? If so, use this tool! In the hectic world of business, we don’t often stop to think critically. It may be easier (and safer) to ask someone like a supervisor or colleague for the answer.Continue reading “Exercise: Help Your Team Think Critically”

Increase Your Leadership Agility

We are almost halfway through 2021. One thing is for certain – leadership looks a great deal different than even from last year. It’s understandable that leaders feel extra pressure to perform financially and to keep employees happy (and employed). Leaders must understand how to engage and unlock the individual potential of their employees. BeingContinue reading “Increase Your Leadership Agility”

Are you a change agent or are you most comfortable with the tried and true?

If you are a change agent (low C if you have taken the Predictive Index), you are so excited to GET TO WORK so you can accomplish some of the initiatives you put off in 2020. You crave pressure and variety. Not only are you able to adapt quite quickly to change, you can evenContinue reading “Are you a change agent or are you most comfortable with the tried and true?”