If you are a change agent (low C if you have taken the Predictive Index), you are so excited to GET TO WORK so you can accomplish some of the initiatives you put off in 2020. You crave pressure and variety. Not only are you able to adapt quite quickly to change, but you can also even be intense about your forward movements. Once there is an idea, you can’t wait to see it happen.

You may not think through all the HOWs.

Additionally, once the process of change has begun, you may not be patient enough to see it through to the end. If you are more comfortable with familiarity (high C), you may still be reeling from all the changes that COVID-19 brought. You want things to get back to “normal” because you love how your desk was set up in the office or you took comfort in your afternoon coffee breaks with coworkers. Your gift is perfecting the process, so naturally, you may be resistant to change that has not been proven or thought through. Change without understanding HOW will cause you to feel overwhelmed, disorganized, and even passive-aggressive.

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So how do we get through this together so we can get a jump start in 2021?

First, everyone needs to get on board with the initiative. One of my favorite change management exercises is The Upside and Downside of Change. This exercise helps us unearth the negative feelings one may have about a change while allowing us to see the benefits of changing.

This is just one way we can get everyone on the same page. The more process we can put behind a change, the better it will be understood and accepted by everyone. So while change agents have the initiative to get ideas going, they need to engage those with the gift of the process to see it through to fruition.

Give it and try and let me know how it works out for you!