Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I use many resources created and disseminated for free by racial justice organizations in addition to academic research. You will find that I my strength comes from being able to speak from a place of being marginalized as well as having privileged. Throughout the sessions, I share many examples from my personal life that helps attendees connect the dots in their lives.

Book one workshop or the entire 3-part series to lead your organization towards creating an inclusive culture where diverse people and thoughts are celebrated.

The curriculum is designed to develop baseline skill sets and exposure to different perspectives and ways of life that position employees to engage in a genuine and authentic way.

Recognizing and Disrupting Unconscious Bias (75 minutes, All employees)

Understand and explore how unconscious bias affects you and the world around you

Learn personal and professional strategies to combat bias

Acquire new skills to start bias and race related conversations and to give and receive feedback

A Practical Guide to Understanding Race in (90 minutes, All employees)

Deeply understand what Diversity, Equity and Inclusion means

Gain historical context to better understand today’s racial climate in the United States

Dissect current climate and events and their effect on emotional and mental health

Building an Antiracist Organization (120 minutes, Leaders)

Pinpoint your organization in the continuum of workplace racial equity

Deeply understand what it means to have an inclusive organization

Learn strategies and resources to create more diverse, accessible, and inclusive work environment

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