food snack

1. Their favorite snack and drink on their desk or send a small package to their home

If you don’t have your employees fill out a list of their favorite things, I totally recommend you start now! This is a thoughtful way to show them you care throughout the year. I’ve even included a learning section, to truly make this a work edition.

Have your employees fill out this document. On this employee appreciation day, think about giving them their favorite snack and drink for a nice surprise as they come into work.

Feel free to download and customize this document for your own use!

2. Handwritten thank you note…

Nothing beats a heartfelt, hand-written note from you to show your employees that they are appreciated.

3. DIY gifts like potted succulents, jars of candy, or baked goods…

Employees know when you put time and effort into making something yourself. At one point, my leadership team was making hundreds of candy jars, swag bags, and other gifts. It took us several hours to make everything, but the time spent working together as a team to get it accomplished also doubled as a team-building event!

4. A candle that boosts the smell and your self-esteem!

This gift would be a good opportunity to use the document attached above. Finding a candle that speaks to your individual employees can be a simple and effective gesture.

5. An audiobook credit for their next great literary adventure

I love the idea of gifting an employee a literary experience. An audiobook credit may seem impersonal. However, you can also provide a supplementary list of book recommendations, depending on your employee’s preferences, to add your own personal flair.