Turn your team into a powerhouse.

Drastically improve your team’s performance. Build teams that trust each other, communicate, and hold each other accountable—so you maximize your bottom line.

High Performance Series Workshops

Use a proven framework to build accountable and cohesive teams.

The High Performance Series is a two-part workshop series designed to help any team reach peak performance through expert guidance and first-of-its-kind people data.

Part 1: Discovering Your Team Type

No team is effective without trust and communication. With the help of an expert facilitator, this workshop helps you build a self-aware and trusting team. Establish an understanding of each team member’s motivations and work style, and uncover your group’s specific “Team Type.”

Through this catalyzing reveal, your team will become a unit, building lasting cohesion and collaboration habits. You’ll also uncover the group’s collective working style, strengths, and blind spots, and leave with a clear action plan to better work in harmony.

Part 2: Designing for Strategic Action

Many teams aren’t a good fit for their objectives and don’t even realize it. The team may not even know or agree on those objectives, in the first place.

This workshop turns uncertain team performance around by mapping a group’s natural strengths to its short-term goals, exposing areas of misalignment and providing recommendations to address them.

Attendees will learn how to “stretch” their skillset, so they can refocus their daily priorities to best serve the goals at hand. You’ll also be given a clear action plan on how to deliver on the proposed objectives with renewed confidence – so everyone is rowing in the same direction.

About The High Performance Series

• Length: 4 hours

• Format: Virtual or in-person

• Ideal group size: 6-10

The PI session helped our team connect in a deeper, more meaningful way. We were given the tools to better understand each other and appreciate the diversity of our team. A truly enlightening experience!

– Timeka W., United Against Human Trafficking