Everyone knows about the endless cycle of New Year’s resolutions. We make declarations and goals that aim to better our sense of self, but they rarely ever see the end of January. Instead of a resolution, the women of Chief Gigs have decided to turn the idea on its head. This idea manifested itself during one of our coworking sessions but developed into something more than a passing conversation. We each chose one word that will guide us as we go through the year.


Shelly: Priorities

I have a long To-Do list with a variety of tasks and I LOVE completing items and marking them off the list.  But sometimes I get so focused on the tasks that I forget to focus on living. Reading a book, having lunch with a friend, or going for a walk are not often items that are on the To-Do list, so they don’t get prioritized. I love my list, so it’s not going away, but prioritizing things that really matter will make life more enjoyable – personally and professionally.



Megan: Growth

As I graduate from the University of Houston in May, I am entering a new chapter in life. Looking back on my early college years and the year I spent with Chief Gigs, I have grown in perspective and practice. As a professional, I pride myself on my drive and discipline, yet I sometimes get in my own way with obstinacy or perfectionism. This year, I aim to engrain in myself the belief that growth is perceptive and versatile. Who I am and who I grow to become are derived from my successes and my shortcomings. I am proud to have learned that with my team at Chief Gigs.



Wendy: Joy

I recently came across this question “How are you bringing joy into the work?” and thought it was fantastic. It encapsulates how I work and how I help clients gain clarity and focus in their businesses. As with many of my clients, I am at a place in my life where I can choose to focus on work that fills my cup. So I am striving to be even more intentional, with the result being more joy. Why wouldn’t you choose joy?



Nancy: Movement

It’s holistic for me: I’m working short bursts of movement into my weekdays, and I am moving projects forward while scaling back on service offerings outside of my genius zone. When I used to ride hunter/jumper, at age 13, my very last instructor said: “Don’t make the same mistakes over and over! At least make new ones!” It stuck with me.

As the inside look into the minds of the Chief Gigs team comes to a close, we hope you consider how these words resonate with you as they have us. Our thoughts might have prompted you to come up with a word of your own.

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