Increase Your Leadership Agility

We are almost halfway through 2021. One thing is for certain – leadership looks a great deal different than even from last year. It’s understandable that leaders feel extra pressure to perform financially and to keep employees happy (and employed). Leaders must understand how to engage and unlock the individual potential of their employees. BeingContinue reading “Increase Your Leadership Agility”

Behavioral Analytics In Private Equity, Growth Equity, & Venture Capital

This article was originally published on Rice Unversity’s lilie blog on February 22,2021. In my last post, I discussed how behavioral analytics could be used for start-ups. Here, I’ll dive into how private equity, growth equity, and venture capital firms are utilizing people data. Study after study puts the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions somewhere between 70% and 90% (2011, HBR).Continue reading “Behavioral Analytics In Private Equity, Growth Equity, & Venture Capital”

Optimizing Talent Through Analytics

This article was originally published on Rice Unversity’s lilie blog on January 13,2021. You know the work that needs to get done, and you know the environment that you want to build. How do you find the people who will build it with you? Historically, we relied on relationships, intuition, and track record when weContinue reading “Optimizing Talent Through Analytics”

3. Create Management Accountability Structure

This is the last of a 3-part series. Read more – introduction, part 1 and part 2. When the individuals making decisions do not represent the population, we inadvertently create policies that have adverse impacts or unintended consequences towards a marginalized group. Even when the course of action is equitable, leaders administering it can choose to treatContinue reading “3. Create Management Accountability Structure”

1. Revamp Your Recruitment and Interview Process to Mitigate Bias

This is part 1 of a 3-part series. You can find the introduction here. In order to attain a racially inclusive and equitable workforce, institutions must track internal demographic data, define targeted goals to attract a diverse applicant pool, eliminate bias in the hiring process, and develop a culture that retains workers of color atContinue reading “1. Revamp Your Recruitment and Interview Process to Mitigate Bias”

Are they unwilling or unable?

Leaders often feel guilty when they decide to terminate an employee. You are unhappy with the performance of an employee, but you have difficulty deciding if and when to terminate that employee. This leads to stress and anxiety for you and continued poor performance by the employee. One simple and powerful question to ask yourselfContinue reading “Are they unwilling or unable?”

You can’t have it all…

Today’s quote in my quote of the day calendar resonated with me so much I had to share. Early on in my career, I truly believed in the false notion of “you can have it all.” The lie was alive and well, perpetuated by put-together, successful women who didn’t want to let you in onContinue reading “You can’t have it all…”

Are you a change agent or are you most comfortable with the tried and true?

If you are a change agent (low C if you have taken the Predictive Index), you are so excited to GET TO WORK so you can accomplish some of the initiatives you put off in 2020. You crave pressure and variety. Not only are you able to adapt quite quickly to change, you can evenContinue reading “Are you a change agent or are you most comfortable with the tried and true?”